Kangana Ranaut made a new rule, said- Violators will be shot and those who survive…

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Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut showed a glimpse of her house by sharing a video on social media. It is clearly visible in this video that Kangana is using Tanjore paintings to decorate her house. However, apart from the paintings, what caught the eye of the people was surprising. Actually, in this video, a board was seen on which the threat was written.

Apart from Manali, Kangana Ranaut also has a beautiful house in Mumbai. Kangana Ranaut showed a glimpse of this house by sharing a video on her Instagram on Thursday. Let me tell you, the interior of this house has been designed by Shabnam Gupta. Before Shabnam, Kangana Ranaut has designed houses of celebs like Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor, Mini Mathur.

Sharing the video, Kangana wrote, I have had a clear vision of decorating all my homes. But never got the chance. However, now I am decorating my house in my own way. My heart resides in the mountains but, I love South India too. That’s why I have installed a painting of Tanjore in my house. It was clearly visible in the video that some people were pasting Tanjore painting on their wall. At the same time, the picture of Lord Balaji is also visible in the video.

Along with this, the board on the wall of the house was also seen. It was written on this board, ‘Trespassers are not allowed. Will be shot for violation, if saved, will be shot again. Please tell, Kangana Ranaut was born in Himachal Pradesh. His debut film was Gangster which released in the year 2006. She will soon be seen in the film Emergency. It is directed by Kangana Ranaut herself.