Virat Kohli was talking to coach Rahul Dravid, suddenly seeing his favorite food gave a shocking reaction, watch video

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Virat Kohli’s name is included in the list of fittest players of the Indian team. He is very careful about his diet and fitness. His diet breaks down to only a few things, one of which is Chole Bhature, which he has told in many interviews is his favorite dish.

Virat Kohli, the star batsman of the Indian team, is very particular about his fitness. Virat keeps complete control over his diet everyday in Marra but when he is in Delhi, his diet gets a little broken. Actually Virat Kohli comes to Delhi and cheats with his diet. The latest example of this was seen when Virat Kohli, considered the fittest player from the Indian cricket team, ordered his favorite food.

According to information, a video of Virat Kohli in the second Test against Australia in Delhi is going viral on social media. In this video, Virat is talking to coach Rahul Dravid while sitting in the dressing room. In this video, a person comes from behind in whose hand Virat Kohli’s lunch is seen. Virat gets very happy seeing his lunch.

Know what’s in lunch

Please inform that Virat Kohli ordered his favorite Chole Bhature while in Delhi. When a person brought his order, Virat Kohli jumped with joy. Seeing the food, Virat’s mood changed completely. He gestured the person to go inside and looked quite relaxed. Seeing Virat Kohli’s reaction in this video, even coach Rahul Dravid could not stop laughing. Virat Kohli’s love for Chole Bhatur is being expressed once again through this video.

Virat was given the wrong out
Please tell that in this match, Virat Kohli was given out by umpire Nitin Menon in the first innings. Actually Virat was out LBW in the first innings of the match. The way the umpire dismissed Virat, it is being said that the ball first hit the bat and not the pad. At the same time, neither Virat Kohli himself nor the Indian team was happy with this decision of being given out.

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