Will the Sun ‘swallow’ the Earth one day? This study is making new predictions about the future

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Sun is the most prominent member of our solar system. All the planets revolve around it. It is because of this that life exists on earth. But for how long? All the research keeps on exploring this question. Almost every research agrees on one thing that one day the core of the Sun will be free from hydrogen. When this happens, the Sun will turn into a red ball and start affecting the planets around it. Mercury and Venus will be the first to come under its grip. But what will happen to the earth? Will life be possible on our planet? Will the Earth also come under the grip of the Sun? In the new study, an attempt has been made to remove the veil from such questions.

Before moving on to the news, let’s ease your worries a bit. About 5 billion years are still left in the situation through which the Sun will pass. It’s a long time. However, a study to be published in the Royal Astronomical Journal says that interactions between planets surrounded by the hot gas envelope of a Sun-like star can have a variety of consequences depending on the size of the planet. Research has shown that when the Sun swallows its planets, its brightness can increase further.

Lead author Ricardo Yarza at the University of California explained that as the planet reaches inside the star, a drag force transfers the planet’s energy to the star. It is not possible to reach any conclusion precisely from the simulation used by the researchers, but a glimpse is definitely available. The study says that a planet like Jupiter can escape the Sun’s ‘grap’, but that will happen when it spreads up to 10 times the Sun’s radius.

Recently, data from the European Space Agency’s Gaia spacecraft show that the Sun has reached its middle age. That is, it has completed half of its life time. The agency says that after it is over, the Sun can become a dim white star, which will be like the rest of the stars. The end of the Sun would mean that life on Earth would also move towards its destruction. Experts say that if the Sun dies, life on Earth will become impossible. Plants will die. Those organisms will also die, which are dependent on plants. This will affect the entire chain of organisms and food. Due to the absence of sunlight on the earth, the atmosphere will be polluted. There will be terrible cold and it will be difficult for humans to live.

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