What did China discover on the moon, which surprised the whole world

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China has made such a discovery on the moon, which has surprised the space agencies around the world, especially NASA and America. This is the reason why China is preparing to launch three moon missions on the moon in the next 10 years, which it has also announced. It is believed that the next big competition in space could be regarding ‘space mining’. For this, there can be a tough competition between NASA and the Chinese Space Agency. What is the new mineral that has been discovered on the moon? Let us know what can be its use and how much challenge China can pose to NASA in future missions related to the moon.

First of all, about the newly discovered mineral. Recently, China has reported that it has discovered a new lunar mineral through samples from its Chang’e-5 mission. It is named Changesite-(Y) (Changesite-(Y). Xinhua News Agency has described it as a kind of colorless transparent crystal. It is said to have helium-3, which is an isotype and which can be used as a future energy source. Although helium-3 is not a new discovery, what is new is that Chinese researchers say they have found a concentration of this rare isotope in samples of the Moon.

Helium-3 is rare on Earth and is believed to be abundant on the Moon. It can be called the ‘oil’ present on the moon, which is very useful and that is why the big countries of the world are eyeing the moon. If it is possible to bring it to earth, then it can be of great use. For example, with its help nuclear energy can be used in a clean manner.

According to reports, not only clean nuclear energy but Helium-3 may one day be able to power our spacecrafts as well. This means that if helium-3 mining starts on the moon and spacecrafts get fuel from it, then there will be no need to come to Earth to refuel spacecrafts during future missions.

This is the first time the world has known about the concentration of helium-3 in lunar samples, and China has only told what it needs to know. That means many things may have been hidden till now. Experts believe that there will be a big competition in space between countries like China and America in the coming years. America’s NASA is the world’s largest space agency and has landed humans on the moon many years ago, but its Artemis 1 mission has not yet been launched. In the next 10 years, both NASA and China can land their astronauts on the moon. The space agencies of both the countries will converge to search there. Whoever discovers the Moon’s resources first and develops a strategy to acquire them can dominate the field of space manufacturing.