Orion constellation photo taken from Hubble, looks like a dream world!

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In the night time, twinkling stars in the vast sky, some small, some big, some bright and some faint, must be attracting your attention. If the most beautiful view of the stars at night can be seen anywhere, then it is the Orion constellation. In this, a dense and huge cloud of dust and gas flows between the stars Alnitak, Saif and Rigal. This cloud is composed of interstellar gas and dust. It is called the Orion Nebula, it is like a nest made of celestial material where hundreds of new stars are born. This place in the Milky Way Galaxy is such that it is the most studied and the most photographed.

The Orion Nebula is said to span 24 light-years, making it so close and large that it can be seen with the naked eye. It is 1344 light years away from the Sun. For this reason, this cloud becomes very important because it can understand the process of star formation. Its new picture taken from the Hubble telescope looks as if the particles of a cloud are moving quietly in black space with a shadow. But in the middle of it there is great cosmic activity due to the baby star IX Ori. NASA has also shared this wonderful picture on its website.

This activity or interaction is called HH 505, also known as the Herbig-Haro object. Some special circumstances work in their formation. First of all a baby star is needed. They are formed when the rotating Orion stellar nursery collapses under its own weight. After that, as it rotates, it spreads the material around the cloud in which the baby star grows.

As this material is added to the baby star, powerful jets of plasma can be launched from the star’s poles. It is believed that some of the material orbiting the star is deflected along the star’s outer magnetic field lines toward the poles. These magnetic field lines behave like particle accelerators, so when material reaches the poles, it is launched at tremendous speed. Due to which this beautiful sight is born.

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