Millions of years ago, this species had a big ‘benefit’ from global warming, shocking claim in new study

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The Permian geological period is very important in the history of our earth. The two largest mass extinctions of the species occurred at the end of this period. You can understand this destruction in such a way that in the extinction that happened 252 million years ago, 86 percent of all animal species were wiped out from the earth. This event also marked the beginning of a new era and the population of reptiles on Earth increased rapidly. Till now scientists believed that the increase in the number of reptiles and their evolution was due to the extinction of their competitors. But a new study indicates that global warming, rather than causing mass species extinctions, has led to an increase in reptile populations and diversity.

Researchers from the Department of Orgasmic and Evolutionary Biology and the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University have revealed this. He has said that the evolution of reptiles started long ago.

“In our research, we found that this period of rapid evolution in reptiles was associated with rising temperatures,” said postdoctoral fellow Tiago R. Simoes. Some groups changed really fast and some less quickly. But almost all reptiles were evolving much faster than before. Simos is also the lead author of the study published in Science Advances.

The research team examined early amniotes. These represent birds, reptiles and their close extinct relatives. The researchers created a dataset using a data collection of more than 1,000 fossil specimens from 125 species. Researchers analyzed the data and tried to trace the origin of these species and the pace of their evolution.

The researchers found that climate change and rapid periods of global warming were associated with physiological changes in most reptiles. The reptile had adapted itself to the changing environment. The team has come to know that during that time there was a change in the shape of the body of reptiles. The data analysis showed that the climatic stress on the body of the reptiles was very high. Although very fast he had adapted himself according to the environment.

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