How to charge your FASTag with the Google Pay app


If your FASTag account balance runs out while traveling from one city to another, don’t worry. Charging FASTag is actually quite useful and many apps allow you to charge your FASTag. Today, through this article, we will tell you how to recharge your FASTag account via Google Pay. In January last year, Google introduced the UPI top-up option for FASTag users so that they can easily top up using the Google Pay app. It allows you to easily top up your FASTag account which will allow you to cross the border across cities in India without any hassle.

Before explaining how to top up a FASTag account through the Google Pay app, please let us know that you need to know your FASTag issuing bank. Apart from this, you also need to link your FASTag account before you top up.

How to charge your FASTag with Google Pay

First of all, the FASTag account has to be linked, we will tell you the method. Apart from this, it also explains how to top up your FASTag account through the Google Pay app.

– Open the Google Pay app on your Android or iPhone.

Now click on the New Payment button.

After this search “FASTag” in the search bar.

Please select your FASTag Issuing Bank below.

Now click on Get started.

Now you need to enter your vehicle number (without space) and name the account. For example “my car” or you can also use the name of your car model.

Now click on the Link Account button at the bottom of the screen.

After that, you need to check your account, including account holder name and vehicle number, etc.

After viewing, click the Link Account button. Now tap on Pay button for payment of minimum Rs 200.

Now click on Tick.

Then click the Pay button at the bottom of the screen.

Now the Google Pay app will ask for your UPI PIN and your payment will be made.

After the payment is completed, you will receive a text message from the bank account associated with Google Pay.