Hollywood’s big director made this claim regarding aliens, you should also know

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Are there aliens or not? This question has always been in controversy. Many people, scientists and experts in this world believe that there is a presence of aliens in the universe. However, most people reject this claim because no such evidence has been found so far, which confirms the existence of aliens. Now a well-known Hollywood director has also put forward his point about the presence of aliens. The name of the director is- Steven Spielberg. He has produced many superhit films like Jurassic Park. Let us know what Steven thinks about aliens.

What did Steven Spielberg say on aliens

Steven Spielberg expressed his views on aliens in an American TV show. Steven said that mathematically it is impossible for him to believe that only humans are the most intelligent in this universe. Somewhere Steven was hinting at aliens. According to media reports, Steven said that he thinks aliens exist. They do not believe that we are alone in this universe.

Steven went to the bottom of the matter

In the show, Steven told that he had also investigated to know whether there are aliens or not. According to Steven, he was aware of more than 500 encounters with aliens, which were recorded by the US government about 70 years ago. Steven, like many other experts, also feels that the US government has really been hiding something, especially regarding the presence of aliens.

Has Steven seen a UFO?

In the American show, the Hollywood director also told whether he has seen UFO or not. Steven said that he had never seen a UFO. Although he wishes he had seen a UFO. He believes that even those who have seen such things cannot explain them. He said that he did not know whether he believed in the existence of aliens or not. According to him, a person will believe in something only when he sees it with his own eyes.

Aliens are discussed the most in America

America is considered to be the most common country to discuss aliens, where there is a belief about the presence of aliens even among the common people. Most incidents of aliens or UFO sightings also come from there. Although the US government and the Pentagon have always denied the claims about the presence of aliens. Last year, a meeting of American MPs was also held in this regard. The US space agency NASA is also investigating cases related to UFO sightings.