Why are there deaths during exercise? Doctor told how to protect

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Many cases of incidents such as sudden heart attack, stroke are reported during exercise. On Tuesday, a student died suddenly while doing yoga at Banaras Hindu University. A few days ago, Raju Srivastava also did not live in this world. He also went into cardiac arrest during a workout. Earlier, the death of singer KK was also shocking. Professor Rameshwar Chaurasia, former chair of the Department of Neurology, BHU, explained what could be the reason for this. Also tell the methods of protection.

keep exercising regularly

There have been many cases of sudden heart attack in the past 2 years. The incidence of heart attack during exercise is frightening. Recently, after the death of a student while doing yoga in BHU, Dr Chaurasia from the Department of Neurology told that exercise should be kept regular and increased gradually. Also read: Death from myocardial infarction happens at a young age, these lifestyle changes can prevent

don’t compare yourself to others

Dr Chaurasia said, people are excited. We go for the first time and think the next one will do so much, so let’s do it too. Secondly, after Kovid, part of people’s lungs has been affected, so people’s endurance is no longer the same as before. Note that you gradually increase the exercise. dr. Chaurasia said that Raju Srivastava’s age was still over 50. There are reports of death of many people in the age group of 20-40 years. The main reason for this seems to be that they suddenly start pushing the body more.