These 6 people told their hottest sexting story

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Those who have a great sex life, they feel very proud of this and are happy. This not only improves their mood, but also keeps them connected with their partner all the time. However, sometimes it is not possible for the couple to stay together. Due to which the long distance in their relation due to some reason becomes the biggest reason.

In such a situation, couples resort to phone sex, sexting or even video calling to fulfill their sexual desires. Here we are sharing for you the experience of 6 such people, who are anonymously telling about their hot sexting story here.

sexting in the hot afternoon sun

‘Once, I was feeling very hot due to the humid weather and then my partner called me. I complained to him about the weather, but instead of listening to my complaint, he started provoking me with sex and sensual talk. Due to which my temperature became even higher. We had phone sex that afternoon, which turned out to be hotter than I could have imagined.

office romance

how to sext1

‘My colleague and I were secretly dating each other. It started a few months back and we were officially together. Once during lunch he texted me saying, ‘I want to take you out to lunch’ and that immediately turned me on. Then came a bunch of sexy texts which continued as I went to the washroom. His words gave me such an orgasm which had never happened before. It was my most exciting meeting that day. He gave me the sexiest smile after office hours.

the thrill of threesomes

how to sext

‘My husband and I have been in an open relationship for quite some time now. Which keeps our relation in balance. Once my husband started sexting with me and started telling how he wanted to have sex with me. He said that we are having sex and someone is watching us having sex. I was shocked to hear such words from him and very quickly got on the wagon. That whole conversation was very sensual and I really liked it.

the erotic teasing

how to sext7

‘I enjoy teasing my partner every time we are about to have sex. But this time, he had to go to another state for some work, while I really wanted to have sex at that time. I thought I would have to use the vibrator after he left, but I started sexting with him instead. This was the first time we did this and since then we do such things regularly.

sexting with a twist

how to sext5

‘My girlfriend and I decided to try something different to fulfill our fantasies and satisfy our sexual needs. For this we tried video chatting with sexting and honestly it turned out to be the hottest thing ever. After this, we started expressing our desires more openly to each other on screen and this gave us an opportunity to share our feelings more openly.

with sex toys

oral sex positions1

‘We tried phone sex for a while, but it was getting boring. We both thought of including sex toys to make our sex more interesting, after which things started getting better. Incorporating sex toys during sexting was a great idea and we both totally agreed with it.