Ayurvedic Tips: There Is A Problem With Daily Stomach Cleansing, Follow These Simple Ayurvedic Tips To Get Rid Of It

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Pet ko saaf karne ke liye gharelu upay: Many people have trouble cleaning the stomach in the morning. This can happen for many reasons. You can use some natural methods to cleanse the stomach. It is very helpful in getting rid of problems like constipation. Ayurvedic expert Dr. Nikita Kohli shared these ways to clean the stomach in one go on her Instagram.

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ways to clean stomach

1) Keep yourself hydrated- The most common reason for constipation is lack of hydration. The easiest way to get rid of this is to hydrate yourself well. In such a situation, drink a lot of water during the day and also do this work after getting up in the morning. By doing this, it will be easier for you to clean the stomach.

2) Pap- It is a superfood rich in protein, fiber and essential vitamins. Add it to your diet to get rid of constipation. It can be eaten both sweet and salty. However, avoid eating too much chili during this time.

3) Licorice- It is a great Ayurvedic herb that can help improve digestion. Take half a teaspoon of licorice and add half a teaspoon of cane sugar to it. Now drink it with warm water. This is best for cleansing the stomach. Also Read: Foods To Treat Constipation: You Will Get Instant Relief From Constipation Problem Just Eat These Things

4) Fig- To get instant relief from constipation, you can soak figs in warm water for a while and then eat. It contains a good amount of fiber, so it can be helpful.

5) Ghee and milk At night while you sleep, drink a cup of warm milk by adding ghee. By doing this, you can get relief from constipation naturally. Also Read: Ayurveda Has Provided These Easy Ways For The Problem Of Constipation And Hemorrhoids