When you become the president of America, what’s the first thing Joe Biden gave for the win?


As the whole world eagerly awaits the results of the US presidential election, the beatings of Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden will also increase. Joe Biden seems to be winning in the results so far which is why he is now not only claiming victory but has also given an indication of what he will do first after becoming president. Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump in the presidential race. This is why Joe Biden said on his way to victory today that he will first work on a plan to control the corona epidemic in America.

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Speaking to his supporters on Saturday (local time, late Friday), Democrat candidate Joe Biden said we will be executing our plan from day one to get this coronavirus under control. “U.S. citizens have elected Democrats to act against the coronavirus crisis, the economic downturn and the problem of racism, and we will work on this from day one,” he said.

This announcement by Joe Biden clearly indicates that some strict regulations can be put in place in America to get the corona virus under control. The way corona cases are increasing could bring cities back to lockdown or put in place strict rules on masks and social distancing. One reason for this is that there has been a large increase in new cases of the coronavirus in America for three consecutive days. If you look at today’s numbers, Corona has broken all records in America. More than 1.28 lakh new cases of corona have been reported here in one day, the highest number of cases in one day since the start of the epidemic. More than one lakh corona cases have been reported in America for the third consecutive day.

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In his speech, Joe Biden went on to say that the US election has been difficult, but we must remain calm. I don’t care how many people try to stop it, but I won’t let it happen. We believe deeply in democracy, but the purpose of politics is to work for the nation. We may be adversaries, but we are not the enemy, we are Americans. Let us tell you that Democrat Biden is in charge in Pennsylvania and Georgia. Let us tell you that to get to the White House, one has to get 270 votes out of the 538 votes of the Electoral College.