US Israel News: Is the friendship between America and Israel breaking, Netanyahu has not yet received Biden’s invitation

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Tel Aviv: It has been 11 weeks since Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu assumed power. But till now he has not received the invitation for the American tour. In such a situation, speculations are being made that perhaps the relations between the two countries are not good. It has not yet been confirmed from the White House whether Netanyahu has been invited or not. After this latest development, it is believed that this time America is angry about some of Israel’s policies. It is also interesting that this time the people of the country are against Netanyahu. There are massive demonstrations against him.

why not received invite
Most Israeli PMs have visited America after assuming power. Netanyahu himself has also visited America several times. This tradition has been going on since 1970 when Israeli PM visits America. Out of 13, only two Israeli PMs have been such who had to wait a long time to visit America. There has been no response from the Israeli embassy in America as well. According to David Makowski, who has been appointed as Israel’s special ambassador for Palestine at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, America wants to send a clear message to Israel that if you follow opposition policies then you have no right to come to the Oval Office.
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Demonstration against Netanyahu
Demonstrations have been taking place on the streets of Israel since the beginning of this year. The public is angry with the government for controlling the powers of the Supreme Court and because of this, demonstrations are taking place all over the country. Despite all this, the defense relationship between America and Israel has remained very strong. Military cooperation between the two countries is worth three billion dollars every year. President Joe Biden has known Israeli PM Netanyahu for several decades. Both have also talked on the phone. US and Israeli officials have visited both countries since Netanyahu formed the government in December. Till now no one is able to understand whether Biden wants to meet Netanyahu or not.
Israeli protesters blocked the road, Prime Minister Netanyahu had to call a helicopter to go to the airport
People angry with Netanyahu
In the midst of all this, Netanyahu has rejected the agreement that was related to ending the protest. Protests have intensified in several cities across the country after he rejected an offer of a compromise to resolve a standoff over his plans to reform the judicial system. Demonstrators in Jerusalem drew red lines on the streets leading to the Supreme Court in protest. At the same time, a convoy of boats was seen blocking the shipping route on the beach in Haifa.

There were also reports of protesters blocking roads in several other cities. Last week, protesters blocked a road leading to the country’s main international airport, prompting Netanyahu, who was on an official trip to Italy, to reach the airport by helicopter. The protesters who blocked the road were holding placards in their hands, on which it was written – ‘Don’t come back!