PM Modi Nobel Peace Prize: Statement of the committee member, the biggest contender for PM Modi Nobel Peace Prize

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PM Modi Nobel Peace Prize: The influence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the world is continuously increasing. The latest news is related to the Nobel Peace Prize. Asal Toje, deputy leader of the Nobel Committee, has described Prime Minister Modi as the biggest donor of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Putin was explained during the Russia-Ukraine war

Asal Toje says that the way the Prime Minister of India explained the war to Russian President Vladimir Putin is commendable. Gave a strong message about the consequences of nuclear war without making any threats. This is the kind of leader we need in today’s world politics.

Toje also said in his statement that PM Modi is a trustworthy leader who has the ability to prevent war between countries and establish peace.

Praise for Modi, along with praise for India

Toje said that India is developing into a prosperous and powerful country because of the policies implemented by PM Modi. He asserted that if PM Modi wins the Nobel Peace Prize, it will be a historic moment for the deserving leader.

Posted By: Arvind Dubey