Indian Embassy on target of Khalistanis after Hindu temples in Australia

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Canberra : Khalistani supporters forced the closure of the Indian Consulate in Brisbane, Australia on Wednesday. According to a report in ‘Australia Today’, the Queensland Police said it was an ‘unauthorised’ mob. Reports said that the crowd raised slogans against Hindus along with ‘Khalistan Zindabad’. Earlier, Khalistan supporters had also attacked the Indian Consulate in Brisbane, Australia last month.

India had asked Australia to rein in Khalistani separatists, who are continuously targeting Hindu temples abroad. A few days after this, the Indian Consulate was attacked. Last month, on the night of February 21, Khalistani supporters attacked the consulate at Swan Road in Taringa, Brisbane. India’s Consulate in Australia Archana Singh found a Khalistani flag from the spot the next day. He immediately reported this to the Queensland Police.

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Indian institutions on target of Khalistanis

Archana Singh told ‘Australia Today’, ‘We have full faith in the police and the officers.’ Another journalist told news agency ANI that till now Indian Australians were getting attacked. He said, ‘But now they (Khalistani supporters) are targeting institutions belonging to the Government of India. The attack on the Indian Consulate in Brisbane is a direct attack on the Government of India.

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Temples are also being attacked

A few days ago, Khalistanis also targeted a Hindu temple in Brisbane. In early March, Khalistan supporters ransacked the Shri Lakshmi Narayan temple. Sarah Gates, director of ‘Hindu Human Rights’, had said that this was clearly an ‘attempt to intimidate Australian Hindus’. After the attack, anti-Hindu slogans were removed from the walls of the temple by members of the Hindu community. Gates tweeted a photo of it and wrote, ‘Hindustan Zindabad’.