Police tough on those who break rules during lockdown in Delhi, action against 967 people


Delhi police took action against 967 people who broke the rules on the first day of Monday (March 23) during Section 144, implemented in the capital by lockdown to prevent the increasing contagion of the coronavirus. This information was released by the police station late at night. In view of the threat of Corona, instructions were issued on Tuesday to step up this action against those who break the rules.

According to the information received from the police station, a total of three categories of measures have been taken against the people who break the rules. In this action has been taken against 108 people under section 188 of IPC while under 65 DP Act – 516 people have been booked while action has been taken against 343 under 66 DP Act. In the action of Law 66 DP, the suspect’s vehicle is seized.

Strictly in Delhi during lockdown, curfew passes are given for essential services

most southeastern district
Most of those who came into action under the JD were people from the southeastern district of the capital. At the same time, the Eastern District ranks number two, while the third number is the people of the Southern District. According to police headquarters, 240 people have come under the scanner in the Southeast district, 123 in the East district, while 89 people have been attacked in the South district.

what do the numbers say?
Total Districts in Delhi – 15
Total action – 967

action in three categories
1- IPC Section – 188
2-65 under DP Act
3-66 under DP Act