Why is ‘X’ made on the last compartment of the train? Railway Ministry told the meaning

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If you travel by train, you must have seen that there is a big ‘X’ mark on the last coach. Hardly anyone has thought that it has any meaning or why it is made on the last box only. Now the Railway Ministry itself has given the meaning of this mark by tweeting. This mark is a signal to the railway officers. This information has been given in the tweet in the Railway Ministry. This tweet has got more than 4 thousand likes so far.

This is what X means
Operating a train is not easy. There are many signals from its routes to the coaches. The common man mostly knows only those signs which mean to him. Now the Railway Ministry has made an interesting tweet to increase the general knowledge of the people. He has given information as to why the cross mark is made on the last compartment of the train. It is written in the tweet, do you know that the ‘X’ mark in the last coach of the train means that the train has left with all the coaches without leaving any coach.

no coach left
The tweet has a photo with The X Factor written on it. It is written with it, the letter X means that it is the last compartment of the train. This indicates to the railway officials that the entire train has left and no coach has been left.

how to avoid accident
Please tell that this mark is made of radium so that it can be visible even in the dark. The cross or X mark is used so that if something goes wrong in the signaling, then there is no collision with another train. The people of the station consider the train which does not have an X marked coach as an emergency situation.

That’s why it is written ‘LV’
There are many comments on this tweet. A user has written that LV is also written on the last box, which means Last Vehicle.

(Photo Credit: Twitter RailMinIndia)