After Durga Puja will these restaurants in Delhi-NCR keep finger licking like this Bengali food?

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With the arrival of Navratri along with the worship of Mata Rani, Durga Puja also begins to appear. While worshiping the idol of Durga Maa in each pandal, people are seen in a different spirit. The women seen in Bengali sarees look so beautiful, as if half of Kolkata is settled on this day. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate such a special festival? In such a situation, you can also prepare to do something special. If you are thinking about having dinner with family then this time plan to go to those restaurants in Delhi NCR serving excellent Kolkata food. Whether you are Bangladeshi or not, you will be left licking your fingers after eating the food from these restaurants.

Oh! Calcutta – Oh! Kolkata

Every Bengali living in the capital should definitely have been here once. We say this because oh! Authentic Bengali food is served in Calcutta. With outlets in Nehru Place and Gurgaon, this restaurant has one of the best Bengali menu lists in Delhi. From fish and prawns cooked in mustard to kosha mango and tomato and jaggery chutney, you can enjoy a very popular Bengali dish here. Not only this, we also recommend that you eat Daab Chingri and Chingri Malai Curry.

From where : Lot 4, Masjid Moth Local Mall, Greater Kailash II, New Delhi, Delhi 110048

Such cheap goods are available in this market of Delhi, considering the price, people go through all the shops of the festival from here.

City of Joy


As you know Kolkata is known as City of Joy, now this City of Joy is also present in Delhi. Yes, this restaurant popularly known as City of Joy is located in Alaknanda and this place is also very popular among Bengalis. It is not only so famous for its seafood dishes but also for its many vegetarian dishes such as Mochar Ghonto, Phool Kopi Dalna and Posto Dishes. His Rui Kalia and Fish Kabiraji are as good as Kolkata. Once you eat the food here you will definitely remember the food of Kolkata.

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Kolkata Biryani House – Kolkata Biryani House


You must have heard of Lucknow Biryani and Hyderabadi Biryani only, but have you ever heard of Kolkata Biryani? Kolkata Biryani House in Chittaranjan Park serves authentic Biryani from Kolkata. Well-cooked pieces of mutton and chicken, boiled eggs and potatoes make the biryani even more delicious. Their biryani is given in a pot, which increases the taste even more. Some of the best sandwiches and schnitzels are also served here.

From where : Shop No 49, Market No 1, Block C, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi, Delhi 110019

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Bijoli Grill – Bijoli Grill

-bijoli grill

With four outlets in the city, Bijoli Grill has built a reputation for its delicious food. With affordable prices and unique options, this restaurant caters to your every need. Apart from the Bengali seafood and vegetarian dishes here, this place also serves some food that you have rarely tasted before such as muitha and jhal.

From where : C-449, Bipin Chandra Pal Marg, Block C, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi, Delhi 110019

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Chowman – Chowman


You can also try Tasty Dishes of Kolkata in Chowman. If you like all kinds of food, be sure to try the Bengali food here. Delicious snacks like Thai Style Drums of Heaven, Prawn Pepper Salt, Korean Chicken Wings are served here. Not only this, here you will also find a list of exotic vegetarian dishes such as steamed chicken, fish in Chilean wine, honey glazed pork ribs, as well as some great seafood such as lobster. If you also fancy something sweet, you can try many options like toffee nut with ice cream, brownie with ice cream, tutti frutti.

From where : Chowman, East of Kailash/Noida Sector-18