Pathan: Pathan associated with war! Shah Rukh Khan is Hrithik Roshan’s friend and John Abraham is Tiger’s father?


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Today is no less than a festival for the fans of actor Shah Rukh Khan. Shahrukh’s most awaited film Pathan has been released. Deepika Padukone and John Abraham are also in important roles in the film. This film is a part of Yash Raj’s Spy Universe and in such a situation, before the release of the film, along with Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff’s war, it is also being linked to Salman Khan’s Tiger. . Meanwhile, a strong theory has come to the fore regarding the war and Pathan. However, after watching the film, it will become clear that how true and false these theories are.

Ashutosh Rana’s look and character
Pathan and War seem to be films of two different timelines, which Ashutosh Rana does the work of connecting. Ashutosh’s character is named Sunil Luthra in both the films. But his look from the film Pathan is a bit young, whereas in War he was a bit old. In such a situation, it seems that Pathan is a film of the time before the war.

Shahrukh Khan is Hrithik’s friend
In the film War, Hrithik Roshan’s character was named Kabir and Tiger Shroff’s character’s name was Khalid. There was a scene in the film War, where Kabir, referring to Khalid, tells that he had lost a companion. May be Pathan is that companion. Because there was a scene in Pathan’s teaser, where Dimple Kapadia says that Pathan doesn’t even know whether he is alive or not. In such a situation, it is possible that Pathan is the person who was mentioned in the war.

Deepika’s negative character
In the film’s trailer, where Deepika herself is seen saying that she is also a soldier, there was a scene where she gives strange expressions on seeing Shahrukh and Pathan is also surprised to see her. It could be that this is the same scene where Shah Rukh finds out that Deepika is cheating on him and she has turned against the country. However, it can also happen that it is a small comedy scene in the middle of an action scene and it was intentionally shown in the trailer in such a way that people suspect that Deepika’s character might be negative.

John as Tiger’s father
War Kabir also reminds Sunil Luthra that Khalid’s father had turned traitor. On the other hand, seeing John’s character, it seems that he too was a spy earlier, but then turns traitor. Pathan’s patriotic dialogue ‘A soldier does not ask what the country has done for him…’ also sounds like he is telling John. According to some theories surfaced on social media, John could be the character mentioned in the war, who becomes a disease. If this happens then John Abraham is in the role of Tiger Shroff’s father. However, nothing can be said for sure because these are just theories. Fans say that John’s character has been described as ‘Jim’ and the leader of Outfit X, so hiding the name also strengthens this theory a bit.

Salman’s 20 minute cameo
Apart from all this, tell that Shah Rukh Khan himself had mentioned in a live session that Salman has a cameo in the film. In the film, Salman will be seen in the role of Avinash i.e. Tiger. According to reports, Pathan has a 20-minute cameo of Salman, which will make the climax more powerful. In such a situation, the fans of Salman-Shahrukh are quite excited from the film.