If Shiv is a liar, then Priyanka is also no less ‘Makkar’, will Bigg Boss 16 win the woman card game every time?


The ticket to finale week in Bigg Boss 16 is currently held by Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia. Now how the housemates grab these tickets from them, this chaos continues in the show. In the last episode too, Shiv Thackeray and Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary clashed with each other to get ticket to finale. The fight between the two became so fierce that it reached lies, deceit and character. Priyanka called Shiv Thackeray a liar. All the questions were also raised on his character. But a simple question is also to Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary aka Pari of Udariyaan that till when she will play on the strength of womania card. This is the reason why even Salman Khan called him the idol of selective truth. She stands up to support the truth according to her convenience. Let’s tell that till now his stand when his cleverness was caught.

How many times will the woman card be played?

Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary has played this card many times in the show. Whenever she does not find any issue, she starts playing the woman card. In the fight with Shiva yesterday also, she said many times that she always speaks in favor of women. She never says anything that raises questions on any woman. But she forgets that in Bigg Boss 16, most of her fights were with the female contestants. From Nimrit, Sumbul to Soundarya and Archana, they have thrown no less mud. Also, who gave him the right to destroy the honor of a girl under the guise of this card. He didn’t take a second to question Shiva’s character. But Shiva again gave a strong reply in his own language. Shiva said that women have so much understanding that they understand at first sight who is what kind of boy.

advantage of others’ quarrels

Yes, the kind of journey you have been. Looking at him, it seems that you interfere a lot in the quarrels of others. If needed, the work of pouring ghee has also been done. When you are in need, you use Archana in your fight and when no one is available, you do not desist from confronting them as well. In the guise of supporting others, you do a lot of masala work. In the fight between Tina and Shaleen, he put more spark than required. Shaleen was bullied to such an extent that even his ex-wife had to post it.

who gave you this right

Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary who gave you this right to point fingers at someone’s character. So cold Priyanka to always raise voice for women, you didn’t think even once before questioning Nimrit. When Nimrit Kaur was offered Season 2 of Love Sex Aur Dhokha by Ekta Kapoor in the show, you immediately started whispering to Archana that yes yes that is a very bold series. Hey, have you forgotten… you yourself have worked in erotic series. Just like that once you were commenting on Soundarya Sharma’s short dress while sitting with Sreejita. Do you remember? Haven’t you forgotten? Does this suit you? No no no… Please avoid such comments.

Listen what Priyanka said in this video

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Firstly, the lady needs an assistant.

Priyanka is the only contestant who gave the slogan in the show… Nimrit Akeli, Kabhi Na Khelein. But she forgets that this thing suits her more accurately. Priyanka played with Ankit Gupta for several weeks. Salman Khan had already given you a good class about what you did to Ankit in the guise of claiming rights over him. Then you caught Archana and Soundarya. Even then you could not become his close friend. When you got rid of them, you caught the decent one, whose dhajjis were blown away by you the most.

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