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Frozen 2, in which the actress herself has magical icy powers. How can the cold weather turn into an attractive autumn for him? This becomes possible when the color palette becomes dominant. After this, action, music, color and everything along with the story leave its mark on the audience.

In such a situation, the art team must proceed carefully by balancing everything. Production designer Michael Giammo said that the reds and yellows of fall are the traditional world of Frozen. Such an incredibly edited environment that bothered me from the get-go that it would divert our characters’ attention.

But even then we made it. For this we used yellow and orange-violet colors. It is perfect for our world and specially designed to look good in winter.

frozen 2

Showing the change in the seasons was a challenge to show these buildings in a new way. In which not only trees and leaves but also decoration is incorporated. Art director David Wommersley says some buildings are designed to look better against the snow.

We wanted to use it again with the snow removed as pictured. For example, the background and colors have been mastered to stay true to the season and story. In this sense, the public does not get to know about the change in the final result or it is misplaced. Maybe they’ll never know.

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Frozen 2 transforms snowy winters into vibrant autumns read full detail here

Story first published: Thursday, November 7, 2019, 4:28 PM [IST]