Youth beaten to death on suspicion of mobile theft


In the village of Mathurapurwa, near the police station, a young man was brutally beaten to death on suspicion of mobile theft. He died on the way to hospital for treatment. Police officers who reached the information recorded a case of wrongful death while sending the body for post-mortem. Taufiq, 28, a tractor-driven rice polisher from Mathurapurwa village in Singhahi Police Station, transported paddy rice from door to door. While working with the owner Salman, he ground people’s paddy by going to the surrounding villages. On Saturday, he had gone to the neighboring village of Chitiha to harvest paddy rice. On the same day, Chhotu Yadav’s cell phone was stolen. It is said that he was suspected of stealing Taufeeq’s cellphone. Talks were also held between the two about this on Sunday, but the matter could not be resolved.

It is alleged that Chhotu along with his brother Lalu reached Mathurapurwa in this enmity on Monday morning around 8 am. They accused them of stealing mobile there and attacked both Taufeeq. Chhotu is said to have struck several blows to Taufeeq’s chest, knocking him unconscious. When people arrived in and around the house, both ran away. The relatives left the injured Taufeeq on his bike and left for Nighasan CHC. He died on the way. The relatives reached the site of one of their relatives in Singhahi with the body. When they received the news, police officers like SO Ajay Kumar Rai, SI Veerpal Singh also reached there and sent the body for autopsy. Police have registered a case of culpable homicide against both suspects on the complaint of Taufeeq’s wife Safia. The SO said the suspect is being sought.