Will COVID-19 return in 2021? North Korea imposed a lockdown of 5 days


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Authorities have ordered a five-day lockdown in North Korea’s capital Pyongyang amid rising cases of the respiratory illness. Seoul-based NK News has given this information on Wednesday, citing a government notice.

Though the notice did not mention the COVID-19 pandemic, it said that the residents of the city need to remain in their homes till the end of Sunday. NK News, which monitors North Korea, reported that in its advisory the government has asked people to check their temperature several times each day and keep a record of it.

NK News reported on the website on Tuesday that Pyongyang residents were seen stocking up on essentials amid fears of a stricter lockdown. However, it is not clear whether other regions of the country have imposed new lockdowns.

North Korea acknowledged its first case of COVID-19 last year, but declared victory over the virus by August.

The secretive country has never confirmed how many people there have been infected with COVID-19. North Korea is said to lack the means for widespread testing. Instead, the country’s reported daily number of fever patients stood at 4.77 million in a population of about 25 million. It also did not report such cases since July 29.