When the passenger said to the airhostess in INDIGO flight – Open the window, you have to spit gutka, VIDEO viral


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In the last few days, several incidents of misbehavior inside the flight have come to the fore. After the urine incident in Air India, yesterday in a SpiceJet flight, a passenger misbehaved with the air hostess. On which the accused passenger has been arrested. After this incident, now a video of Indigo flight is going viral. In this video, the passenger is requesting the air hostess to open the window. He is speaking – Madam, open the window, I have to spit the gutka.

Recently a video of Indigo flight is going viral in which a man is asking an air hostess to open the window so that he can spit gutkha. This video has been uploaded on Instagram by a user Govind Sharma. The uploader also asked people to “tag your gutkha lover friend” in the caption.

The incident is being told of Indigo flight. The video shows a man sitting on a seat. Further in the video, he suddenly calls the air hostess and says, “Excuse me, khidki kholenge please, gutka thookna hai.” The air hostess laughs after listening to the passenger.

You also see the video: