Ukraine war and western sanctions have a big impact on Russia, drug crisis started; exorbitant prices


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Ukraine-Russia war: The war with Ukraine and sanctions by Western countries have had a major impact on Russia. There has been an acute shortage of many essential medicines in the drug stores there. Russian President Vladimir Putin himself admitted on Tuesday that there is a shortage of some medicines in the country and prices have risen despite the country producing more drugs.

Although Western countries have exempted prescription medicine from the restrictions, their delivery has also been affected due to the transport system. According to Reuters, figures from the pharmaceutical industry show that insurance and customs duties have also hindered the supply of drugs due to war and other sanctions.

“There has been a shortage of some medicines,” President Putin said during a televised meeting with officials. “Despite the fact that we have seen an increase in the production of pharmaceutical products by almost 22% in the (first) three quarters of last year. ” “60 per cent of the drugs in the market are domestic. Still, there has been a shortage of some drugs and prices have gone up,” he said.

When Russia invaded Ukraine in February last year, Russian citizens started stockpiling the drugs. People had bought a month’s worth of medicine in just two weeks.

Russia imports the bulk of medical equipment and several key drugs from the European Union and the United States, including pacemakers and radiotherapy equipment. Its supply has also been disrupted due to the Ukraine war.