This couple selling samosas leaving a job of ₹ 30 lakhs, earning ₹ 12 lakhs every day

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Success Story: If you want to do something different and better in life, you have to take risks. Nidhi Singh and her husband Shikhar Veer Singh from Bangalore also took the risk and are earning crores of rupees today. This couple has earned from such a business, which people consider to be minor. This is the business of samosas.

Nidhi Singh and Shikhar Vir Singh have been married for more than five years. They first met while pursuing B-Tech in Biotechnology in Haryana and Shikhar later completed his MTech from the Institute of Life Sciences in Hyderabad. After this Shikhar Veer Singh started working in Biocon. However, left the job in the year 2015 for business. Whereas, Nidhi was working with a pharma company in Gurugram and her salary package was ₹30 lakh. The couple started a food startup named ‘Samosa Singh’ in Bengaluru after quitting their jobs.

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how did the idea come
It was during his studies that Shikhar got the business idea of ​​samosas, though Nidhi advised him to become a scientist. One day, Shikhar saw a boy crying for a samosa in the food court and felt that his idea for a samosa startup was right as it is the cutest Indian snack. He then quit the job and moved to Bangalore to open ‘Samosa Singh’. The couple’s menu has new types of samosas like the Kadai Paneer Samosa. Now this couple is planning to increase their business.

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Nidhi and Shikhar sell their dream home for ₹80 lakhs for business. Now the annual turnover of the company is ₹45 crores. It means to say that about ₹ 12 lakh is being earned per day.