OMG! Division of husband between 2 wives, order to stay with first wife for 3 days and second wife for 3 days; will do on sunday

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Till now you must have heard about the distribution of land-property and money-jewelry in families, but such a strange case has come to light in Gwalior, which you will be surprised to hear. In the Family Court, a husband has been partitioned between his two wives. The agreement is that the husband will stay with the first wife for 3 days a week and with the second wife for 3 days. However, on Sunday, the husband will have the choice of which of the two wives he wants to live with.

this whole thing

Actually, the husband is an engineer in a multinational company in Haryana and his first marriage took place in 2018 and after marriage he lived together for two years. In the year 2020, when the lockdown was imposed during the Corona period, the husband left his wife at her maternal home in Gwalior and then returned to Haryana again. He did not come to pick up his wife even after the lockdown was lifted. Meanwhile, the husband had a relationship with another woman working in the same company and thereafter the husband married the woman for the second time.

When the patience of the first wife, who was waiting for her husband at her maternal home in Gwalior, broke, she herself reached the husband’s company, where she came to know that her husband had remarried with a woman working in the same company. Is. After that there was a dispute between the two and after the dispute, the wife complained about it in the family court of Gwalior. The wife alleged that her husband had remarried, so she needed justice for maintenance. After that the matter reached the Counselor Harish Dewan in the Kutumb Court, then the counseling of the case was done.

Case lasted for 6 months

Counselor Harish Dewan told that he had a conversation with the woman’s husband and after that the matter continued like this for about 6 months. After that both the wives and their husbands were called to the family court for counseling and a solution was found when all the three were seated and discussed. Through counseling it was decided that the husband would stay with the first wife for 3 days a week and with the second wife for 3 days, but the husband would be completely free on Sundays. On that day he can live with any wife he wishes. Counselor Harish Dewan has told that after this decision both the wives and husbands are satisfied. Along with this agreement, the husband has also given a flat each to both the wives and he himself will maintain both of them.