Karan Johar’s children joked about his clothes and asked: Are these Holi clothes? watch video


Filmmaker Karan Johar’s children, Yash and Roohi, don’t like their grandfather’s style. Actually, Karan Johar is spending quality time with his two twins at home during the lockdown. Karan herself has posted several videos on social media showing both kids joking about their dress sense.

Recently, Yash and Roohi have commented on Karan Johar’s clothing, asking him to wear civilian clothes. And now they want Karan to stop wearing clothes like Holi. Both kids go to Karan Johar’s closet and pick up his colorful hoodies and ask why are these Holi clothes? Actually, they both remember Holi after seeing Karan Johar’s clothes.

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Karan replies and says this is not Holi, it is a draw and dies. To this both say that it is both tie-dye and Holi. Obviously, fans really like all of his videos. Today, Karan Johar’s kids are dominating the internet and both are getting a lot of love too.