Kangana Ranaut returns to Twitter, people said – shock to anti-Hindus


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There is good news for those who miss Kangana Ranaut on Twitter. He is back on Twitter. Kangana’s old account has been restored. Tweets from that account have appeared after a long time on Tuesday. It has been written on behalf of Kangana that she is back. Many celebrities have congratulated him on his tweet, and funny reactions of people are also being seen. Please tell that in May 2021, his Twitter account was suspended. Since then he is active on Instagram.

People said – shock to anti-nationalists
Tweeted from Kangana Ranaut’s old account, Hello Everyone, it feels good to be back here. People have welcomed Kangana Ranaut. One user has written, Welcome back Kangana. Your coming back on Twitter is good news for Nationalists and a blow for Anti-Nationalists and Anti-Hindu.