Jeff Bezos to sell Washington Post newspaper to buy American football team


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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos may sell his newspaper to The Washington Post to buy the Washington Commanders football team. The Washington Post is believed to be up for sale, a source with knowledge of the matter told the New York Post. However, according to multiple media reports, a spokesman for Bezos said that The Washington Post would not be sold.

Why Commanders owner Dan Snyder is upset with the Washington Post

According to the New York Post, Bezos is looking for ways to buy the football team Washington Commanders from its owner Dan Snyder. The Commanders have won three Super Bowls, lifting the Lombardi Trophy in 1983, 1988, and 1992. Bezos is facing trouble as Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder is still fuming over a series of stories published in the Washington Post. Snyder was cited as responsible in the news regarding sexual harassment.

Bezos did not participate in the bid

In 2013, Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post for US$250 million. Bezos bought the newspaper from its former owner, Donald Graham, to ensure financial stability and promote online expansion. Meanwhile, Office Sports, which covers the impact of sports on business and culture, reported that Snyder does not want to sell his team to Bezos. Commanders last week accepted the first round of bids from potential buyers, but Bezos was not involved.

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Bezos has already publicly stated that owning a newspaper was never his goal. Bezos has claimed several times that football is his favorite sport, but has not publicly stated whether he would like to add a National Football League (NFL) team to his business.