Gujarat riots case lasted for 18 years on 22, 8 died in the trial itself; Now the court said – there is no evidence


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In a case of 2002 Gujarat riots, the court has acquitted 22 accused due to lack of evidence. During the trial of this case which lasted for two decades, 8 accused have also died. In the post-Godhra violence, 17 people were killed in Kalol town. Two children were also included in the dead. All the victims belonged to the minority community. 22 people were arrested in this case. However, he was later granted bail.

In this case, the defense lawyer Gopal Singh Solanki told that the court of Additional Judge Harsh Trivedi has acquitted 22 accused out of which 8 have died during the trial of the case. He told that there was lack of evidence in this case, so the court gave this verdict. In this case, the prosecution says that 17 victims were murdered during the Gujarat riots. Two children were also involved in this. He also told that after killing, the accused had set the dead bodies on fire to destroy the evidence.

On February 27, 2002, a coach of the Sabarmati train returning from Ayodhya to Gujarat was set on fire. 59 kar sevaks were killed in this. After this incident, violence broke out in many areas of Gujarat. The heat of the raging violence had also reached Delol village in Kalol town, thirty kilometers away from Godhra. Here many houses were set on fire in which 17 people from the minority community were killed.

Police investigation in the matter revealed that a police officer had not registered an FIR even after complaints from victims and witnesses. The police started investigating the matter and the FIR was lodged again in December 2003, almost 20 months after the incident. The absconding accused in this case were arrested in 2004.

Solanki said that the accused arrested in this case had filed a bail application in the local court, which was rejected by the court. After this, the accused reached the High Court and filed a petition. The High Court granted him bail. Since then all the accused were out on bail.