Getting a new electricity connection in UP will be expensive, new rates will be decided tomorrow; Know what is the offer


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New Electric Connection: Getting a new electricity connection in UP is going to be more expensive. A meeting under the chairmanship of Commission Chairman RP Singh will be held on January 25 to fix rates for new connections in the Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission. In which the new cast data book will be finalized by fixing the rates of equipment and other expenses for electricity connection. If the proposal of new cast data book made by Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation is implemented, then the rates for taking new connections will increase by 15 to 20 percent. The Consumer Council will present its arguments for not increasing the rates.

Uttar Pradesh State Electricity Consumer Council President Awadhesh Kumar Verma has said that the meeting of the Electricity Supply Code Review Panel sub-committee headed by the Regulatory Commission Chairman will be held on Wednesday to fix new rates in the cast data book. In order not to increase the rates, legal facts will be kept by the Council in the interest of the consumer. Verma has said that UP, a state with a population of more than 20 crores, has only about 3.25 crore connections as compared to other states. With the increase in the rates of new connections, there will be problems in increasing the number of consumers. The commission will also be informed about the orders being issued by the authorities on behalf of the council making changes in domestic and commercial connections.

To increase the number of connections, cheap rates are necessary

The Council believes that the rates of new connections should be accessible and affordable to the general public. In terms of population, the number of electricity connections in the state is still less. There is a need to reduce the rates of new connections to the general public for domestic and farmers for farming.