“Gehlot’s apology is a collective apology for all of us,” said Minister Khachariyawas; told this reason

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Minister Pratap Singh Khacharias, who is very close to Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot, said the leader of the legislative party has apologized to Sonia Gandhi. Gehlot means to apologize. We all apologized. It is noteworthy that the attitude of Minister Pratap Singh Khachariyawas has been very harsh so far. On Sunday, Khachariyawas bluntly said that Sachin Pilot will not be accepted as CM. The Congress Legislature Party meeting could not be held due to opposition from Ministers Dhariwal, Khachariyawas and Mahesh Joshi. After which the meeting of the legislative party was cancelled.

Gehlot left CM’s decision to Sonia Gandhi

Let us tell you that Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot met Sonia Gandhi in Delhi and apologized to Sonia Gandhi for failing to pass the resolution by the Assembly of the Legislative Party. Gehlot has left the decision of the Chief Minister of Rajasthan to Sonia Gandhi. Food Minister Pratap Singh Khachariawas in Gehlot’s cabinet said Ashok Gehlot is the leader of the legislative party. We said what our leader said. Pratap Singh said Prime Minister Ashok Gehlot’s apology meant we all apologized. He told the national president everything by simply expressing his opinion about the incident that day.

We accept Sonia Gandhi .’s decision

Food Minister Pratap Singh said Sonia Gandhi’s decision for the position of Chief Minister is acceptable to us. Now he has left everything to the national president. Our leader is Sonia Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi is also the leader of Ashok Gehlot. After leaving everything to their leader, nothing remains. But when Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot comes and all MLAs meet him, then the whole situation will be known.