Digvijay vs Tharoor’s Election for Congress Chairperson, Awaiting Gehlot’s Presence in Delhi Court

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Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh is likely to compete for the post of party chairman to be held on October 17. The news that Digvijay Singh is running for election comes at a time when Ashok Gehlot’s candidacy has been questioned. In fact, Prime Minister Ashok Gehlot left for Delhi on Wednesday evening amid the turmoil at the Rajasthan Congress. In addition to Gehlot, Digvijay Singh is also expected to reach Delhi on Wednesday evening. Party sources said Digvijay Singh is likely to meet Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Thursday. Digvijay is currently in Kerala for Bharat Jodi Yatra of the party led by Rahul Gandhi.

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Digvijay vs Tharoor’s Election for President of Congress

Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijay Singh may submit nomination documents at a time when the possibility of Chief Minister Gehlot submitting nomination documents is being questioned due to the political crisis in Rajasthan. Lok Sabha member Shashi Tharoor has already announced his intention to contest and will submit his nomination for the position of speaker on September 30. Due to the High Command’s displeasure with Gehlot, the election for the post of Congress President now appears to be headed towards Digvijay vs Tharoor. 75-year-old former Prime Minister Digvijay Singh is also a longtime loyalist of the Gandhi family, like Ashok Gehlot. In such a situation, the Gandhi family can withdraw Gehlot’s support and bring Digvijay Singh forward in the field.

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Waiting for Gehlot’s Appearance in Delhi Durbar

Amid all the speculation, Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot left for Delhi on Wednesday evening. The Chief Minister of Rajasthan was the favorite in the race for the election of the party chairman. But his loyalists revolted in Rajasthan, enraging the party’s high command. Now everything will be decided by Gehlot’s presence in Delhi court. Gehlot is likely to meet Sonia Gandhi on Thursday. Only this meeting can determine the way forward. After the meeting of Sonia and Gehlot, it will be decided whether Gehlot will run for the position of Congress President or Digvijay Singh!

Amid the political crisis that erupted in the Rajasthan unit of the Congress, party monitors had recommended disciplinary action against three leaders near Gehlot for “gross indiscipline”. Shortly afterwards, ‘show cause messages’ were presented to him by the party’s disciplinary committee. After this development, Gehlot now wants to meet Sonia and present his side. Rajasthan Minister Pratap Singh Khachariyawas told reporters after meeting the Chief Minister in Jaipur: “The Chief Minister is going to Delhi to express the sentiments of the 102 MLAs as a guardian of the leadership and organization. The Minister- President is not resigning yet.

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He said whether Gehlot would run for the position of party chairman would not be clear until after a meeting with the high command. By the way, Gehlot had recently said that he would run for the position of party chairman. However, his candidacy has been called into question by the latest political developments in the state.

What happened in the Rajasthan Congress?

On Sunday afternoon, as soon as the Congressional High Command announced its intention to transfer the Prime Minister’s post to Pilot, a riot broke out in Rajasthan. Lawmakers loyal to CM Gehlot gathered to register their protest. The MLAs started a separate ‘meeting’ at Minister Shanti Dhariwal’s Hospital Road residence, which the party regarded as “gross indiscipline”. The MLAs in Dhariwal’s house agreed to tender their resignations to Speaker CP Joshi. He openly expressed his opposition on behalf of Pilot.