Delhi Weather Update: Forecast of rain in many parts of Delhi-NCR, learn IMD alert


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Delhi NCR Weather Forecast: The process of arrival of Western Disturbance is going on in the capital Delhi for the last few days. Its effect is being seen on the weather of entire North India. The weather pattern was seen to have changed in Delhi and surrounding areas on Tuesday. Due to cloud cover and windy weather in Delhi, the weather remained pleasant on Tuesday. In Delhi, where the maximum temperature fell on Tuesday as compared to Monday, an increase of about 5 degrees was recorded in the minimum temperature.

The minimum temperature was 12.3 degrees on Tuesday, which is the highest in the month of January. It has been said to be five degrees more than normal. According to the Meteorological Department, Delhi remained cloudy since morning on Tuesday, but there was no rain. Delhi recorded a maximum temperature of 25.9 degrees Celsius on Monday, which has been so high for the second time in the last decade. Earlier in the year 2019, the maximum temperature was 28.7 degrees on January 21. At the same time, the minimum temperature also increased by about 5 degrees within 24 hours. While the minimum temperature was 7.6 degrees on Monday, it increased to 12.3 degrees on Tuesday.
According to the Meteorological Department, the maximum temperature on Wednesday and Thursday can be 21 to 22 degrees while the minimum temperature can be around 11 degrees. Light drizzle may occur in some areas of Delhi on Wednesday morning. Delhi will remain cloudy on Thursday as well and it may rain in some areas.

cloudy all day
It was cloudy throughout the day in Noida on Tuesday, due to which the sun did not shine. On the other hand, there was slight drizzle in Noida-Greater Noida on Monday late night. Due to the strong wind, the air pollution remained less as compared to Monday. The maximum temperature of the district was recorded 21 degrees and the minimum was 13 degrees. It was cloudy since morning. Strong wind blew during the day. The average wind speed was 13 kilometers per hour. Wind speed decreased in the evening. Air pollution reduced due to strong wind during the day. There are chances of drizzle in Noida-Greater Noida on Wednesday as well. It is likely to remain cloudy throughout the day. Partly cloudy conditions are expected on January 26 and 27. The weather will be clear only after January 28. On January 25, the minimum temperature may drop by one or two degrees. The maximum temperature will remain the same.

reduced air pollution
The air pollution of Noida-Greater Noida reduced on Tuesday. The AQI of both the cities was recorded in the poor category. Noida’s AQI was 203. Greater Noida recorded 245. A day earlier on Monday, Noida’s AQI was 293 and Greater Noida’s was 311. Air pollution is not expected to increase much in the coming days. Strong wind will give relief from air pollution.