‘Chances of becoming CM are over’, Sachin Pilot understood, that’s why preparing for elections?


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Rajasthan Crisis: The journey from former Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan to Chief Minister is not looking easy for Sachin Pilot. There is no hope of any decision being taken soon in favor of the pilot who has proved to be 19 from Ashok Gehlot. For several days, Pilot has been holding rapid meetings, in which he has attacked Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot several times without taking his name. On the other hand, Gehlot is preparing to present the budget. Due to the election year, there is a possibility of announcement of many schemes ranging from big promises for government employees in the budget. In such a situation, it is believed that Sachin Pilot may be showing strength through meetings, but they all have understood that this time there is little hope of him becoming the Chief Minister. For this reason, they once again want the return of the Congress government at any cost.

According to sources, the Congress high command had decided to make Pilot the Chief Minister in the month of September. But even the high command did not work in front of the MLAs close to Gehlot. The Congress high command also came on the backfoot due to the resignation scandal after the September episode. Now political experts believe that when only a few months are left for the Rajasthan elections, there is little hope of leadership change in Rajasthan. Gehlot will continue his innings as the Chief Minister of Rajasthan in the coming months. At the same time, if the Congress returns, then Sachin Pilot may get a chance.

‘Chances of becoming CM almost over’
Talking to ‘Dainik Bhaskar’ recently, a senior leader of Rajasthan Congress has accepted that it is too late now. The possibilities of Sachin Pilot becoming the Chief Minister of Rajasthan are almost over. Actually, the biggest reason behind Ashok Gehlot’s overpowering on the Congress high command is that Gehlot has the support of most of the MLAs. At the same time, Pilot has only around 20 MLAs. For this reason, the Congress does not want that in the midst of a change of leadership, it may make the same mistake in Rajasthan as in Punjab. It may be noted that the change of leadership in Punjab just before the elections had angered many leaders, while Captain Amarinder resigned from the party after being removed from the post of Chief Minister. Later he joined BJP. The whole episode had caused a lot of flak for the Congress and it had to face a crushing defeat in the assembly elections. Besides, the Congress does not want to send out the message that his government’s performance was lacking a few months before the elections by removing Gehlot. It is notable that Rahul Gandhi himself has been praising the work done by the Rajasthan government among the public. In such a situation, if Gehlot is removed now, then a wrong message can be sent among the public.

Pilot left everything and started preparing for the next election
Sachin Pilot, considered close to Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi, has been trying hard for a long time to become the Chief Minister. But now when only a few months are left for the elections, it is believed that there is hardly any change of leadership in the state. In such a situation, leaving everything, Sachin Pilot has started preparing for the assembly elections to be held this year. He has organized vigorous meetings in Jatland. Due to the popularity of the pilot, the presence of a large number of people is being recorded in these meetings. In the paper leak case, Pilot questioned his own government. Attacking Gehlot, Pilot said, “The copy got locked in the vault and reached the children.” This is sorcery. Someone or the other will be responsible. It is clear from these statements of Pilot that he is in no mood to spare Gehlot as well. He is just focusing on the next election, so that Congress can come back.