25,000 house guards at the police station returned, know why this decision was made


The services of 25,000 Home Guard volunteers who were stationed with the Uttar Pradesh Police Force have been halted with immediate effect. ADG Police Headquarters BP Jogdand has issued an order in this regard.

With this order, 25,000 house guards who work for the police have become unemployed. In the past, for reasons of public order, it has been decided to use the services of Home Guard volunteers against the vacancies in the police force. In the order, ADG Police Headquarters has said that in a meeting chaired by the Chief Secretary on August 28, 2019, it was decided to end the deployment of Home Guard volunteers.

It was said in the order that the amount to be paid as fees for the services of the Home Guard volunteers must be estimated within a week and communicated to the police station. The assessment card must contain the name and designation of the responsible district, along with its own signature.

With this assignment, the deployment of Home Guard volunteers at police stations and traffic control has come to an end. This cut is believed to be made after the Supreme Court order to increase the daily allowance of Home Guard volunteers from Rs 500 to Rs 672 as the government is not ready to increase the budget. There are about 90 thousand Home Guard volunteers in the state. With this decision of the police, 25 thousand volunteers of the house guard will be reduced.

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