No one can kill you with Mai’s red shot… Kohli was proud of the Pakistani Rameez Raza


Karachi: You have the strength to bowl very fast, no son of Mai has the strength to hit you straight. Pakistan Cricket Board chief Rameez Raza says similar things for Haris Rauf, who was swept by Virat Kohli during the World Cup. We’re not commenting on when the video came from, but right now it’s going viral on the internet.

In that match of T20 World Cup 2022, Virat Kohli turned the dice at the last minute by scoring an undefeated 82 points. Haris Rauf hit two sixes in the 19th over of the game. Bowler Haris Rauf recently made a statement about this for the first time. In an interview he says, ‘Only Kohli could have done this. I think only Virat Kohli can touch me like that. I didn’t feel bad for not being beaten by Dinesh Karthik or Hardik Pandya.

Pandya was also surprised by these shots
Team India needed 28 runs in the last 8 balls, but Virat made the match for India by hitting two sixes. Pandya said after winning the match, “I hit a lot of sixes, but these two sixes were special because they meant a lot to us. I don’t think that apart from Virat hardly anyone else could have hit these two sixers.

People are having a lot of fun. Making jokes according to their own. Lots of memes are made.