In the stadium where Messi-Ronaldo’s title fight took place, our home teams will create history there

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Riyadh: Whether someone wins or someone loses, this time the four teams that reached the semi-finals of the National Football Championship of India will create a new history. This is happening for the first time that the semi-final stage and the final match of this tournament, played for the prestigious Santosh Trophy, is being held outside India. Eight-time champions Punjab will face first-time semi-finalists Meghalaya, while four-time champions Karnataka, who have lifted the trophy six times, will face the services team.

The All India Football Federation joined hands with the Saudi Arabian Football Federation to provide international level exposure to the players and opened the way for these players to come here for three matches.

On the eve of the semi-finals, the captains of the four teams were unanimous that they and the other Indian players expected betterment from such an opportunity. These players will be playing for a country whose team had just upset Argentina in the FIFA World Cup last November. These players from India will have a chance to show their skills on the same ground of King Fahd International Stadium, on which Messi and Ronaldo were face to face in a match on January 19.
Services captain Bhabindra Malla Thakur says that it is expected that international experts will have eyes on all the players, we will get good contracts. Punjab captain Rajat Kumar agrees while Meghalaya’s Fulmoon Mukhim says we will play like Tigers. On the other hand, Karnataka captain Karthik Govind Swamy, taking advantage of this big stage, says that we have our eyes on the trophy and will give our lives for it.

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