Wonder of Hubble Telescope: New born star discovered in explosion 9 thousand light years away from Earth

Categories : Science & Tech

The James Webb Space Telescope, the largest telescope ever deployed in space, is providing the world with unseen pictures of the universe. It is said that the James Webb Telescope will replace the Hubble Telescope in the coming years, which has been deployed in space for the last 30 years and has shown the world the best pictures of stars, galaxies, etc. It is still doing its job. Its hallmark is visible in a new image. The Hubble Space Telescope has captured a picture of a young star wrapped in a cloud of gas and dust. Researchers clicked this picture with the help of the telescope’s Wide Field Camera 3. It was detected in the constellation Taurus, about 9 thousand light years away from Earth.

This young star, named IRAS 05506 + 2414, is believed to be evidence of an explosive event born of the collision of two massive stars. Usually a young star’s outflow of gas and dust is sent up from the disk of material that orbits the star. But in IRAS 05506+2414, this material is spreading outward at a speed of 350 kilometers per second.

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