WhatsApp KBC Scam: 25 lakh lottery message is going viral, save yourself like this

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A new KBC scam doing the rounds on WhatsApp is promising a lottery of Rs 25 lakh to potential targets. If you have received a message on your WhatsApp number promising such a huge reward, we would advise you to ignore it. If you fall for this scam, then there is every possibility of duping you of a huge amount of money. Several people from other states including UP, Bihar and Rajasthan have posted on Twitter the messages they have received on their WhatsApp numbers. Rajsamand City Police has tweeted a short video giving information about the scam. Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell has already issued an advisory on this. Media reports suggest that this scam is active since last year.

What is WhatsApp KBC scam?

People from several parts of the country have reported that they have received messages on WhatsApp, which claim that they have won Rs 25 lakh through a lottery through a show called Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC). This scam, which is going viral in the name of KBC scam, comes with many information, in which it tries to convince you that you have won 25 lakh rupees in the lottery system.

Because the amount is so large, an unsuspecting person can fall into the trap of fraudsters and lose their precious money. Apart from the huge amount offered in the scam messages, another reason to fall for such messages could be receiving the messages on private numbers. People believe that because the message has come on their personal number, it must be true.

The KBC scam message has pictures of several big personalities including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, business tycoons Mukesh Ambani and Amitabh Bachchan. Because pictures of these personalities are going viral on the internet and in advertisements, people are more likely to believe that text. In this, numbers have also been given in the name of the bank manager. These numbers may belong to scammers. Surely money can be cheated by contacting these numbers.

The blog post by Cyber ​​Crime Unit of Delhi Police states that when a potential victim contacts the given number to claim the amount, the scammers demand a fixed amount for processing the lottery as well as GST . “Once the victim deposits that money, they start asking for more money on one pretext or the other. After some time, they start telling the victim that the lottery amount will be further increased to Rs 45 lakh. And then Rs 75 lakh, and so on to keep the victim engaged and interested.”

How to save yourself from WhatsApp KBC scam?

WhatsApp scam is not a new thing as there have been many such cases in the past where people have lost money. Because messages on WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted, it becomes difficult to trace scammers. The easiest and best way to not lose money is to avoid such money or lottery messages.

Sometimes scammers will make you believe that you are not being scammed, but don’t fall for this trap. If you’ve moved on, pay close attention to their words or actions. Check that you are not being asked for personal information such as your bank account details, debit or credit card details, email address, home address and/or UPI ID.