The sky changed like this due to the storm coming out of the sun, you should see this picture

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From last Saturday i.e. 27th August to this Monday (29th August), a lot of activities were reported in the Sun. Space weather monitoring agencies and scientists observed a series of powerful solar flares coming from the Sun. These are categorized as M8 class flares, which means that such solar flares do not harm the Earth directly, but sometimes cause radio blackouts. The small radiation storms that accompany these flares can put astronauts at risk.

Many such activities have been seen in the Sun in recent times. This is because of the 11-year cycle of the Sun. This has excited the Sun a lot. The process of these movements in the Sun will continue and till 2025 it will see an increase. According to a report, a solar flare erupted from sunspot AR3088 on the Sun on Saturday. Because of this, between August 28 and August 29, G1-class geomagnetic storms were warned to flare up. Meanwhile, on August 28, another solar flare came out from the same sunspot. It was also an M class solar flare, causing a radio blackout over much of North America.

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