The ‘Khoob Roya’ baby star cried after birth, just the way was different! Scientists made a big discovery

Categories : Science & Tech

What do you see the most when you look at the sky? The stars The diversity of stars in our universe is immense. Our Sun, which is itself a star, makes life possible on Earth. Scientists have been doing research on stars for years. His interest is in knowing the method of their manufacture. However, researchers have detected a bipolar gas stream emanating from a ‘baby star’ – ‘Y256’ – in the Small Magellanic Cloud, which was formed during star formation. He referred to this as the ‘birth cry’ ie the cry of a star! The velocity of this stream is more than 54,000 kilometers per hour. The Magellanic Cloud is a dwarf galaxy approximately 2 million light-years away from our Milky Way.

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