Scientists have found a new way to find the world of ‘aliens’, know about it

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For the past few years, scientists have increased their focus towards exoplanets. Planets that revolve around stars other than the Sun are called exoplanets. Scientists are searching for exoplanets in the hope that they will find signs of life there. Maybe an exoplanet also represents aliens. Most exoplanets have been discovered by the transit method. In this, an optical telescope measures the brightness of a star over time. If the star’s brightness is very low, it could be a sign that a planet has passed in front of it. The transit method is a powerful tool, but it does have some limitations. For this optical telescope is needed and the planet should pass near the star.

Now a new method may also help astronomers detect exoplanets using radio telescopes.

As sciencealert reports, it is not easy to observe exoplanets at radio wavelengths. Most planets don’t emit much radio light, and stars do. However, flares from stars can also cause differences in radio light. But large gas planets like Jupiter can be radio bright. This is because of their strong magnetic field. Jupiter’s radio light is so bright that you can spot it with a radio telescope at home.

Astronomers have detected radio signals from many more planets. During the study, the team tried to understand how such signals could happen. He based his model on magnetohydrodynamics (MHD). It describes how magnetic fields and ionized gases interact. Scientists applied their study to the planetary system identified as HD 189733. They simulated how a star’s wind interacted with the planet’s magnetic field.

Scientists came to know many interesting things. They discovered that radio observations could detect the transition of a planet passing in front of its star. However, such signals would be very faint and would require a new generation of radio telescopes to capture them. But if we do detect them, the planets’ radio signals will give us precise orbital measurements of at least one planet in the system. This will help in understanding the structure and interior of the exoplanet.

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