Row of lights seen in the sky in many cities of UP, people said – UFO, what is the truth?

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In many cities, towns and villages of UP, people kept looking at the sky on Monday evening without blinking their eyes. A line of bright lights that appeared for a few minutes surprised them. People made videos and shared them on social media. After this, the period of rumors started. And as can be guessed, people mistook that line of lights for UFOs i.e. Unidentified Flying Objects.

Along with Auraiya, Malihabad, Kannauj, Etawah, Hardoi and Sitapur, areas of Lucknow also saw a queue of lights, which were moving slowly. The word spread like a fire among the people that a row of bright lights was visible in the sky. People started seeing this incident by connecting it with UFOs and aliens. Videos related to this were being shared fast on social media. People called the incident strange.