Moon and Mercury came closer, spectacular view in the sky

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It is interesting to see the planets twinkling like stars in the sky. On Monday night i.e. 29 August also, the world saw a spectacular astronomical sight. In the evening after sunset, the moon appeared just above the planet Mercury in the sky. Mercury, the smallest planet in our solar system and closest to the Sun, was visible in the sky along with the crescent moon in the west. However, people living south of the equator were able to spot it easily. People living in the northern hemisphere had some difficulty.

According to the report, it is said that it was difficult to see the planet Mercury due to the geometry not being correct in the Northern Hemisphere. People got less than an hour for this. Most of the people first spotted the moon, then with its help reached the planet Mercury. According to the information, it was shining above the planet Mercury in 6 degrees in the north-east.

People were told that they could use binoculars to view this spectacle in a spectacular way. Apart from this, Spica, the brightest star of the Virgo constellation and Arcturus, the brightest star in the northern part of the sky, were also visible. These are the first stars to appear in the sky towards the west in the evening.

People living in the Southern Hemisphere had a wonderful chance to see the Moon occult Mercury. This scene was visible here for about two hours. Also Spica could be seen above Mercury and the Moon and Arcturus to the right. This view can also be seen this evening, but today the Moon will appear closer to the Spica star than the planet Mercury. If you use binoculars, you will see this sight more beautiful.

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