How to Download YouTube Videos on Android Phone, Computer or Laptop


Google’s video sharing platform is popular all over the world and there would be hardly anyone who has never heard of it. This platform is so big that you can watch millions of videos in thousands of categories. If we are going to tell you about these categories in detail, maybe this post will end with giving the names of the categories. You can watch, like or dislike these videos and add them to playlists on YouTube, but you can’t officially download these videos and save them to your gallery. Content privacy and copyright licensing are two of the many reasons behind this. Many creators also upload their own content on this platform and downloading it is also against Google and YouTube policies.

Now, because you need a good internet connection to watch these videos, but often users don’t have a good network. In such a situation, for people who take online lessons through YouTube or watch some learning videos, the only solution left is to download a set of lessons or learning videos and watch them offline. There are some third-party apps and some websites that give you the option to download YouTube videos.

Remark: Let us remind you again that it is illegal to download videos on YouTube from outside the platform and Google has also provided this information on its terms of service page. We recommend that you read all terms and conditions carefully.

Download YouTube videos like this in the official way

YouTube gives users the option to download the videos in the app, but as we mentioned, you can only watch these downloaded videos in the app. These videos will not appear in the gallery or file manager on your phone.

to download video youtube app Open and watch your favorite video OpenNow you will get a like, dislike share button under the title of the video. ‘To download’ The button will appear. You have to tap this button and choose the quality. once again ‘To download’ Tapping the button with the text will download the video in the app.

how to download youtube video on android phone

There are hundreds of apps available on the web that can help you download YouTube videos. one of the names NewPipe Is. This app is not available on Google Play due to Google policy, but the APK file of this app can be downloaded and installed from NewPipe’s official website. After downloading and installing the app, you need to open the app and now you have YouTube videos in front of you. your favorite video To search and you can see the title of the video below to download The button will appear. You have to choose the quality and ‘OKAY’ Must tap. While choosing the quality, you can choose Audio instead of Video and only the audio present in the video. to download can do.

How to Download YouTube Videos on PC or Laptop

There are many software available online to download YouTube videos on Windows, including: ‘4K video downloader’ Is. The name says it all, but this tool supports up to 8K quality. Moreover, up to 30 videos per day can be downloaded for free in this software.

To download the video, you must first ‘4K video downloader’ Must download and install. After this, go to the official website of YouTube and open your favorite video and click on the full video link present in the address bar of the browser. to copy on the menu of tax software To stick Do it Now according to your quality and size selection do and do ‘To download’ Click Doing this will download the YouTube video to your PC or laptop.