How many meteorites hit the earth every year? you should know this figure

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Do you know who are the smallest members of our solar system? You must have heard the name of meteoroids. These are the smallest members of our solar system. In many reports, we have told you about the ‘rain’ of meteorites in the sky. These are a kind of rocks, which start burning as soon as they enter the Earth’s atmosphere. This creates light in the sky. That itself is called meteor. Many meteorites do not burn completely during their journey and their remains reach the earth. But do you know how many meteorites hit the Earth’s surface every year?

According to a LiveScience report, scientists estimate that about 10,000 meteorites hit the Earth every year. However, it is very rare that a massive object from space hits the Earth’s surface. Usually the rocks that fall on the earth are very small and few of them reach the earth. They do not pose any threat to the living beings on earth. However, the number of meteorites that hit the Earth every year is like a drop of water in a bucket compared to the Moon. Many types of rocks come and collide on the moon every year. Their size ranges from 11 to 1100 tonnes.

Astronomer Gonzalo Tancredi at the University of Montevideo in Uruguay said that ‘most meteorites on Earth’ come from meteor showers associated with dust released by comets. To estimate how many meteorites successfully hit Earth each year, Tancredi analyzed data from the Meteorological Society, the report said.

However, it is impossible to know exactly how many meteorites fall into the ocean each year. Tancredi pointed out that space rocks about 33 feet (10 meters) wide are expected to enter Earth’s atmosphere every 6 to 10 years. One such incident happened in Russia in the year 1908, which is called Tunguska Event. This happens only once in every 500 years.

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