CID issued a warning regarding WhatsApp scam, this is how to protect yourself

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The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Assam Police has issued an advisory in the public interest regarding a scam on WhatsApp users. The department says that a fraud racket is running in WhatsApp, which is targeting bureaucrats, senior government officials and political leaders. The racket has possible international links, and is also reportedly in touch with the Ministry of Home Affairs.

According to TOI, AYV Krishna, Additional Director General of Police, CID, said, “Similar cases have been reported in Tripura, Meghalaya, Delhi, Telangana, Rajasthan, West Bengal and Odisha. In Assam, one case of WhatsApp impersonation attack has been reported so far.

As mentioned, the department also suspects international links of the racket. Regarding this, Krishna says, ‘We are investigating the matter and other states are also investigating their cases. We are also in touch with the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The report states that the CID says that these fraudsters collect available information of a particular organization or department and its employees from official websites or gain unauthorized access to a senior official’s contact list. Krishna said “The fraudster obtains the name and photograph of the senior officer/political executive/constitutional authority of that organization or department obtained from websites, social media sites, emails, messenger apps, etc., and using them to create a WhatsApp account with an unknown phone number makes.”

Krishna further says that the fraudsters send a message or email on WhatsApp to select the subordinate from the list that he is attending a very important meeting and is unable to make/receive calls and hence, asks him to send an Amazon e-gift to him. Asks to buy a card or transfer funds by sending a link.

Therefore, CID has asked officers of all departments to verify with their superiors before making any payment or purchase or clicking on the link sent in the message. The department has also asked to take screenshots of such messages and file complaints.

The report further states that on July 11, a fake WhatsApp account with a ‘display picture’ of Assam’s Industries, Commerce and Public Enterprises Minister Bimal Bora was detected, using which the miscreants impersonated two joint secretaries of the department, Ohd Uz Zaman and Bhaskar tried to swindle money from Jyoti Mahant and deputy secretaries Ramen Lal Vaish and Seng Taimung.