Attention Tomorrow the car will pass close to the Earth, the speed will be 27,684 km per hour

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Small and huge asteroids pass by the Earth every day. Some of these asteroids pass very far from Earth, but some are very short, due to which space agencies around the world take them seriously and start researching their arrival months in advance. Today, on August 31, not one or two, but four asteroids were supposed to pass close to Earth, and a huge asteroid will pass very close to Earth on Thursday, September 1.

According to the Asteroid Watch program of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), on Wednesday, August 31, ie today, four huge asteroids will pass near the Earth. Their names are 2022 QZ6, 2022 QX1, 2022 QS7, and 2022 QB8, which are 110 feet, 130 feet, 67 feet, and 73 feet in size respectively. Although tomorrow also a big asteroid is going to pass near the Earth, named 2022 QT7.

The size of the 2022 QT7 asteroid is much less than the asteroid passing near the Earth on August 31, but it is going to pass closest to the Earth compared to all of them. According to NASA, at the time of passing 2022 QT7, its shortest distance from Earth will be 470,000 km, which may seem like a lot to read, but this distance is considered very small in space. Its size will be 19 feet and for comparison, NASA has described its size as that of a car.

The speed of 2022 QT7 will be 7.69 km per second (27,684 km per hour) while passing closest to the Earth. The data of the space agency shows that on this day (September 1) in the year 2035, this asteroid will pass near the planet Venus. Its closest distance from Venus will be 16,194,987 km and at that time its speed will be 45,576 km per hour.